The Android whisperer himself, ladies and gentlemen. Take a minute to learn more about our superstar engineer, Kareem...

Name: Kareem Nassar
AKA: Kimo or @kimocode
Catchphrase: “Why”

So let’s get started...

What is your role at Poynt? I’m a Software Engineer focused on PoyntOS, our proprietary fork of Android.

What was life like before Poynt for you? I worked at a small startup out of college that built a digital version of paper loyalty cards. Google liked our simple approach to small businesses and decided to acquire us. I spent the next 3 and half years there, most recently working on the Android team.

What do you do to ensure Poynt is always “future proof”?
Two things:

  1. Bringing Android, the world's most popular open source operating system, to the storefront. This empowers 3rd party developers, who are very well-versed in building great consumer applications, to create for the world of commerce

  2. Providing over-the-air software updates to Poynt devices to equip them with the latest capabilities.

Finish this sentence: Poynt’s open eco-system enables developers to ________? Create magical in-store moments.

How do you help Poynt fix commerce? I work to make sure that we’re always adaptable to changes in commerce. Many of the legacy devices out there freeze businesses in time. Businesses should not have to worry about new forms of payment, security, or finding tools that fit their needs.

Who is your favorite sports athlete and why? Zinedine Zidane for his hard-headedness.

Hamburger/Fries or Salad/Dressing? Pasta.

It’s a fact: I can absorb and imitate accents.

Work with Kareem on PoyntOS or check out the rest of the opportunities to join our team of super passionate people driven to fix commerce.